Crowe Electrical has been the choice of both residential and commercial/industrial clients for over 20 years. Crowe Electrical employees provide the following services to the Greater Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire area:

Design/Build - Crowe & Sons offers a full design build service. We will work with you to provide the best design build situation which will suit your needs while at the same time staying in a budget. In addition we offer computer aided design through AutoCAD 14.

Commercial/Industrial - Crowe & Sons offers complete construction and maintenance for all types of commercial and industrial applications.

Residential - Crowe & Sons provides a complete line of residential services including all forms of residential wiring, remodeling, repairs, and fire detection systems.

Material Sales/Acquisition - We are happy to buy electrical materials and equipment, and also have an extensive inventory for sale. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.

Crowe & Sons Electrical Corporation
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